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The benefits of yoga for kids

Ever wondered if yoga for your kids would be a good idea? There are many reasons why kids today can benefit from yoga!

Nowadays, we live in a fast moving world. Children are exposed to different kinds of pressures and expectations, be it from school, extra activities, or society in general. We might not think that every day life can have a stressful influence on children, but truth is, it has and it affects their inner joy. So, in a way, kids yoga is stress management for children.

But yoga seems like such an ancient and serious discipline, how can it be appealing to children? Well, it just needs to be presented in a child's language! Enter stage : Kidding Around Yoga. As their motto states, KAY has indeed perfected children's yoga! It started in the US, but became popular worldwide, thanks to its unique and joyful way of presenting yoga to kids. KAY designed an amazing curriculum, to motivate children to be active, build confidence, and manage their emotions. The KAY system integrates physical exercises, with fun and original music, and a lot of captivating games and activities!

Physically, yoga improves children's flexibility, strength and coordination. Breathing exercises help focus and concentration, while meditation brings peace of mind. Children have the opportunity to play, exercise and connect with themselves, while also having a lot of fun! Learning yogic principles like mindfulness, compassion or kindness, is a gift they can truly always benefit from.

Want to get a taste of a kids yoga class, in the fun KAY way? Sign up for the upcoming FREE online Kids Yoga Class: 1st of June, 4 p.m (CEST), via Zoom. To register RSVP event on the home page. Let's have some fun together!

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