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As much as we like to believe that we're bold and adventurous, the truth is, we love our comfort zone. Even if we don't feel fully happy or fulfilled; we know it, we're used to it, it's easy. We crave that stability. We don't like the uncertainty. Be it a relationship, a city you live in or a job that is not quite what you're dreaming of, it's hard to make a change.

It's natural to be afraid of change. We fear change because we can't anticipate the outcome. We're afraid of the unknown. But isn't it even scarier to not allow yourself to grow? Isn't it unfair to not allow yourself to develop, to take advantage of all the possibilities, to truly feel fulfilled? We have all the skills we need to change, to adapt and to evolve. We just need the courage to move past our insecurities. Open up. Take that first step.

I believe in destiny and "what's meant to be". And I do believe, life often shows you the door, but it is still your responsibility to take that step. We often find safety in the shadows that we know, rather than the new light that we don't. But if you feel you need to make that change, take that step. Deep down, your soul - you- know what you truly want and what you need to do. Trust your intuition and, as scary as it might seem at first, take that step.

When we start changing something, we put that energy in motion. Our vibe changes. Our whole life is changing. Things start falling into place. The way they're meant to.

" Do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know the side you are used to is better than the one to come?" - Rumi

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