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Asana of the week: Triangle ( Trikonasana)

Stand upright

Bring your feet a little more than shoulder width apart

Turn the right foot to the right side

Inhale and stretch your arms sideways, raised at shoulder level

Exhale and bend your body to the right, keeping arms in line: right hand on the right leg, arms in line, left hand up ( You can also slightly bend the right knee)

Look up at the left hand

Hold pose for a few seconds, breathe normal

Inhale and return to standing position, with arms still stretched in a straight line

Exhale and release arms

Repeat for the left side

:)Yogi pro tip: Take care not to bring the body forward when bending to the side

Don't push yourself, bend just as much as it is comfortable for you

Benefits of the pose: Gives a stretch to the spine and muscles on both sides

Tones spinal nerves and abdominal organs

Massages liver and spleen

Promotes hip and leg flexibility

Energizes general circulation in the body

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