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Asana of the week: Tree (Vriksasana)

Stand upright with feet together and arms on the sides

Focus your eyes on a fixed point in front of you

Bend the right leg and place the sole of the foot on the inside of your left thigh

Bring hands in prayer position in front of the chest

When your balanced,inhale and bring the arms over your head

Hold pose for a few seconds and breathe normally

Exhale and release the arms

Release the foot

Repeat for the left side

:)Yogi pro tip: When balancing on one leg, imagine the foot being grounded, imagine it has roots keeping it stable on the ground

When bending the foot, place the sole where it is comfortable for you: above ankle, on calve, or above the knee on your thigh. You can practice by placing it lower, and when you manage balance, try the pose again with placing the sole more up

When bending the foot, keep the muscles of the leg you balance on uptight, press the sole of the bend foot against your thigh

Keeping your gaze on one fixed point will help you keep the balance!

Benefits of the pose: Develops nervous balance

Strengthens leg, ankle and foot muscles

Stretches the spine from top to tail

Helps with back pain and overall posture

Improves concentration

Enhances confidence and self-esteem

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