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Asana of the week: Palm tree (Tadasana)

Stand with feet together or about 10 cm apart

Raise your arms above the head, interlock the fingers and turn the palms upward

Place the hands on top of your head

Inhale, stretch the arms upward and raise the heels coming up on your toes

Hold the position for a few seconds

Exhale, lower the heels and bring the hands back on top of your head

:)Yogi pro tip: Look at a fixed point in front of you, it will help you maintain balance

You can practice up to 10 rounds

Need a challenge? Try closing your eyes!

Benefits of the pose: Stretches the entire spine, the whole body

Stretches abdominal muscles and intestines, keeping abdominal muscles toned

Helps to increase height by stretching the muscles and ligaments, enabling

growing bones

Develops physical and mental balance

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