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Asana of the week : Dancer (Natarajasana)

Stand with the feet together and look at a fixed point

Bend the right knee and grasp the ankle/foot with the right hand

Slowly raise and stretch the right leg backwards, as high as comfortable

Extend the left arm

Hold the position for a few moments, maintain balance

Lower the left arm, lower the right leg, and release the foot

Repeat for the other side

:)Yogi pro tip: Focusing on a fixed point will help you maintain your balance

You can bring the fingers of the extended hand together, to do chin mudra

Breath normally during the practice

You can hold on to a fixed surface with the extended arm, to practice balance,

until you feel comfortable enough to try without support

Benefits of the pose: Strengthens back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs

Opens the heart center

Develops balance and coordination

Improves concentration

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