5 tips to forgive yourself and let go of the past

We often find ourselves struggling to let go of the past. We remember different situations and replay them in our mind, thinking if we did the right thing or what we could have done better. We think we made mistakes or others have wronged us, and we keep obsessing about what happened. We blame ourselves, we guilt ourselves, we hurt ourselves. Meanwhile, life is passing by and we're not truly living it. Isn't that unfair? It's time to forgive yourself and let go. Acknowledge y

5 books to start your Yoga Journey

Secret time: I love to read!:) When it comes to starting to know and understand yourself better, reading plays an important role. And to understand ourselves, to get to the bottom of all those "why's" and "how's", we need to understand how we function, how our mind works, how our energy works...This is a theme that I can not get enough of reading about! And doesn't the saying go something like: the more you read, the more you want to know? Well, once you start asking yourself