5 books to start your Yoga Journey

Secret time: I love to read!:) When it comes to starting to know and understand yourself better, reading plays an important role. And to understand ourselves, to get to the bottom of all those "why's" and "how's", we need to understand how we function, how our mind works, how our energy works...This is a theme that I can not get enough of reading about! And doesn't the saying go something like: the more you read, the more you want to know? Well, once you start asking yourself

The power behind hand gestures - Mudras

Surely you are familiar with the famous meditation position: sitting cross-legged, palms on knees and fingers touching. But yogis don't do this to look interesting, as with everything in yoga, there is a deeper meaning and purpose to it. So why do we do hand gestures during yoga practice? The different gestures are called Mudras. The Sanskrit word mudra is translated as "gesture" or "attittude". A mudra may involve the whole body or it may be a simple hand gesture. They are a

Easy steps to Meditation

"Meditation is a practice by which there is constant observation of the mind." - Swami Vishnudevananda Our mind is always busy, we constantly have thoughts running around in our head. That's pretty tiring, no? So, how can we give our minds a well-deserved break? We meditate! Now, it's commonly thought that meditating is a real struggle, you shouldn't think of anything at all, it's something for trained monks...Truth is, meditating is easy and natural, anyone can practice. And