5 books to start your Yoga Journey

Secret time: I love to read!:) When it comes to starting to know and understand yourself better, reading plays an important role. And to understand ourselves, to get to the bottom of all those "why's" and "how's", we need to understand how we function, how our mind works, how our energy works...This is a theme that I can not get enough of reading about! And doesn't the saying go something like: the more you read, the more you want to know? Well, once you start asking yourself

The 5 points of yoga

The yogis consider that we are not born only to live, suffer and die; there is a greater purpose to life. And in order for us to be able to explore life's purpose, we need a healthy body and mind. Therefor, the ancient sages developed a system, to help us keep our physical and mental abilities strong. This system of yoga is simple, natural and involves five main principles: Proper exercise Our body is the vehicle of the soul, so we want to keep it healthy. It is said that our

Let's shatter some yoga myths!

There are many ways to define and explain yoga, but in this post I want to focus on what yoga is not. Let's shatter some yoga myths: "Yoga is a religion" - Yoga is a thousands year old discipline. Even though it originates from India, one doesn't have to be a Hindu to practice yoga. You can be of any religion, or no religion for that matter, and still be a yogi. It doesn't matter to what form of divinity you pray to, or what your beliefs are, it is more about showing kindness

Anandoham - I am Bliss

Who am I? Without make up or nice clothes. Without my job, my house or my car. Without family or friends. Am I this ever changing body? Am I this unsteady mind? Anandoham - I am Bliss. Ananda means bliss, true happiness. Aham means I am. This Sanskrit mantra beautifully expresses the true joy of the soul. We may identify with body and mind, but somewhere deep down, our soul knows that there is a higher consciousness with which it is one. Pure, light, energy. Our true nature i